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Community Garden Rental Agreement

Chart 1.1. You have the temporary right to garden in the garden in the plot – (the “plot”). Immediate family members can be with you as your garden guests. Vous pouvez utiliser le graphique de _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ vous avez la possibilité de renouveler votre adhésion sur une base annuelle et maintenez votre propriété aussi longtemps, comment le jardin se déroule dans cet endroit et que vous suivez les règles du jardin. E. If you can`t wait for your bed, inform garden managers on time 4. Use only natural and/or organic fertilizers and remedies; If in doubt, please contact garden managers 7. Necessary contact information: (a) your “unique” email address [i.e. an email address that is not currently used by another gardener or secondary gardener], the ICG will use this email address for routine messages and special communications, (b) your zip code and (c) your phone number will be gardening.

Gardeners will check with the garden manager before applying fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or rodenticides, even if they are labeled as “organic.” The use of compost, organic mulch and weeds is always acceptable. 4.3 The gardener fully understands these contractual terms and has signed this agreement freely in a clear state. 3. If you are a “new gardener” (i.e. You have not yet rented a bed or participated in the orientation in person), you must participate in an orientation session in person before gardening itself at Inglewood Community Garden 2.1 Awareness of Risk. You understand that participating in the garden carries a risk of death or injury to yourself or your guests and damage to your personal property. Risks can be caused by you, other gardeners, the licensee or the owner of the land on which the garden is located (called “landowner”). The risk could also result from the condition of the land on which the garden is located, the equipment and tools available in the garden, or the weather or other environmental or local conditions. They also understand that hazardous conditions may exist in the garden and that other gardeners may be unqualified. PLEASE NOTE that failure to comply with any of the above obligations may result in the immediate suspension or loss of your gardening privileges and prevent you from renewing your rental bed.

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