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Europcar Australia Rental Agreement

Location is one of the most important factors in opting for a car rental agency, so booking with a supplier that allows you to choose a separate pick-up and pick-up location can arrange your trip more easily. With Europcar, you can choose where you want to pick up and deposit your rent during the booking process, although you will have to pay a one-way fee if you decide to drop your vehicle off elsewhere. The rental refers to the branch or location from which you rented the vehicle. At the beginning of the rental, you must present your acceptable credit or debit card and, as a guarantee, Europcar can pre-authorize your estimated total rental costs, plus a down payment minus all amounts paid in advance. Europcar Asia Pacific accepts all recognized credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express and Diners. The credit card used to pay the rent must be in the tenants` name and engraved on the front of the card. The tenant`s signature must be on the back of the card. Tenants under the age of 25 and tenants of four-wheel drive and luxury vehicles must present a credit card upon arrival. The safety of all customers and staff is a priority for Europcar – with high quality and safe vehicles. The average age of the rental car is between four and eight months, with each vehicle inspected and completely disinfected between each rental. In addition to the increased cleaning and disinfection of all vehicles, Europcar has also focused on disinfecting all branches, namely the frequent cleaning of common areas such as counter-surfaces. In addition, a “zero contact directive” has been adopted, i.e.

all vehicle keys are disinfected and placed in a sealed envelope before being handed over to the customer. 10.4 If you return the vehicle to a rental station other than the one specified in the rental agreement, or if the rental is closed, or to a location other than a Europcar rental station, any additional driver must provide his driver`s licence at the time of the rental. For each additional driver, the additional driving charge is $5.75 per driver (limited to 5 days) / maximum $28.75 per driver. Max 4 additional drivers. 2.4 If we have agreed to an extension of the rental period and your extended rental period is longer than 30 days, you must drive the vehicle to your nearest Europcar rental on the 29th day and then every 30 days to pay your additional rental costs for the extended rental period, unless you have our prior written agreement that varies these conditions. Privilege is Europcar`s loyalty program that offers members a number of benefits, including a preferred service, a secure booking for delays and discounts to use on future rents. Each option offers a number of levels, including Privilege Club, Privilege Executive, Privilege Elite and Privilege Elite VIP – each option offers a number of additional benefits and discounts. You can move a step up if you are a regular Europcar customer, so it`s worth signing up for the loyalty program as quickly as possible, with registration available when you receive your Europcar ID.

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