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Montreal Agreement 1966 Pdf

Under the Montreal Agreement, air carriers are strictly liable for damages up to 128,821.00 Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), a mix of monetary values set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for approximately $175,000. [3] [4] If damages greater than 128,821.00 SDRs are sought, the airline may circumvent liability by demonstrating that the accident that caused the injury or death is not due to its negligence or the negligence of a third party alone. [5] This defence is not available if damages of less than 128,821.00 SDRs are sought. The Convention also amended Warsaw`s jurisdictional rules and now allows the victim or his or her family to sue foreign air carriers if they retain their main residence and requires all airlines to ensure civil liability. The agreement does not recognize any compensation for psychiatric injuries or injuries, unless they are related to an assault. [6] Section 17 of the Convention refers to “assaults” in determining the carrier`s liability in the event of an accident. [doubtful – discuss] Purely psychiatric injuries cannot be compensated by persons injured in plane crashes[7] Legal experts[8] and their families. [9] Australia has changed its right to be linked to the Montreal Convention, including in some of the following types The EU, in “Communication on the extent of responsibility of air carriers and airports in the case of mobility equipment destroyed, damaged or lost passengers with reduced mobility while travelling by air”[13], notes this disadvantage with regard to EC 1107/2006 “Rights of persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility in flight”. [14] The limitation of compensation for baggage damage to 1.131 SDR means that the value of damaged mobility equipment can often significantly exceed the compensation claimed in the Montreal Convention, while the loss of mobility equipment significantly penalizes passengers with disabilities compared to other passengers who suffer from baggage degradation.

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