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Wfp Usw Collective Agreement

After more than seven months of strike action, an interim agreement was reached between Western Forest Products and the United Steelworkers Local 1-1937. Western Forest Products and United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 have agreed on the terms of a preliminary collective agreement, Western said today. “We are pleased to have a new collective agreement that recognizes the significant contributions of our employees and allows Es Western to serve our customers who, through their purchases, support thousands of jobs on the B.C. coast,” said Don Demens, President and CEO. “We are focused on planning for a safe return to employment and, while our goal is to start operating as quickly as possible, commissioning will depend on the availability of staff and contractors, market demand, weather conditions and sufficient wood supply.” The agreement provides for a 12.5% increase in wages, an increase of 2% and 3% over five years, higher first aid bonuses, a security bonus and changes in shift work. There are also zero concessions. Western Forest Products said in a statement that the new five-year collective agreement was concluded retroactively to June 15, 2019. The workers have been out of contract since June 14, 2019. Don Demens, president and chief executive officer of Western, says the agreement is fair to both parties.

“With the support of Vince Ready and Amanda Rogers, we have reached a fair and equitable agreement that balances the needs of our employees and our business,” said Don Demens, President and CEO of Western. “This was a particularly difficult time, and I am pleased that the efforts of all stakeholders have allowed us to find common ground.” According to a union press release, the union held membership meetings just before Christmas to flood crowds in Port Alberni, Ladysmith, Powell River, Campbell River and Port McNeill. The press release stated that these briefings had been held to update membership on all aspects of collective bargaining. The new agreement also provides for improvements in health and social protection services and clarifies the application of Western alcohol and drug policy. Western maintained its management rights to operate other layers, while accepting a strengthened position verification process. The agreement also provides the company with additional operational flexibility in its logging operation by allowing the introduction of SUPPLÉMENTAIRES contractors to ensure that it meets its annual reduction requirements. “The message our bargaining committee received from membership was strong and clear,” said Brian Butler, President of ETC Local 1-1937. “After six months of strike action, members want their union to continue to fight for safe jobs, secure jobs and dignity in the workplace.

The local federation remains very proud of the collective strength and solidarity of the members during this struggle. Their unity and sense of intent are inspiring. According to the WFP communication, the new agreement also provides for improvements in health and social protection and clarifies the implementation of Western drug and alcohol policy. The press release states that Western has maintained its management rights for the operation of alternative positions, while accepting an improved job verification process. “The mediators indicated that the USW was refusing to negotiate some aspects of the current proposal that have been discussed over the past two months, including how best to support a healthy contracting community,” Khunkhun said.

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