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What Is A Foreclosure Prevention Agreement

between the creditor and the debtor: (1) a conciliation conference is not required under this chapter; and (2) the conditions covered in point (a) do not apply and the enforcement action may continue as required by law. As added by P.L.105-2009, SEC.20. If a legal action is filed, the creditor sends the debtor, by certification, a notice of pretentiousness on a form drawn up by IC 5-20-1-3. When the form is prescribed in this section, the Indiana Housing and Planning Authority includes the statement in IC 24-5.5-3-1 in the notice. In addition, the notification (1) prescribed in this subsection must inform the debtor that (A) the debtor is in default; B) the debtor is encouraged to receive assistance from an advisor for the enforcement of mortgages; and (2) provide contact information for the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network. (b) the notification referred to in point (a) is addressed to: 1) the address of the mortgaged property; or (2) the last known postal address of the debtor, if it appears from the creditor`s records that the debtor`s postal address is different from that of the mortgaged property. If the creditor provides evidence that the notification prescribed in point (a) has been requested by authenticated mail, by accused of return and as provided in this subsection, it is not necessary for the debtor to accept the receipt of the notification in order for an appeal as provided for in this chapter to proceed. (c) Unless provided for in points (e) and 10 g) in this chapter, the creditor, when proceeding with an action to cease a mortgage, must contain a notification in the complaint notified to the debtor, informing the debtor of the right to participate in a conciliation conference. The notice must be in a form imposed by the Indiana Housing and Municipal Development Authority, created by IC 5-20-1-3.

The notification must inform the debtor that the debtor can announce a conciliation conference no later than thirty (30) days after the notification date by informing the court of the debtor`s intention to participate in a conciliation conference. (d) In the supporting documents submitted pursuant to ic 32-30-10-3 after June 30, 2009, the creditor attaches a copy of the notices sent to the debtor under subsections (a) and (c). (e) a creditor is not required to pass on the communications described in this section if: (1) the loan is secured by a dwelling that is not the principal residence of the debtor; (2) the loan was the subject of a prior agreement to prevent forced executions under this chapter and that the debtor was in default on the terms of that agreement to prevent forced executions; or (3) Bankruptcy law prohibits the creditor from attending a conciliation conference under this chapter with respect to the loan. As added by P.L.105-2009, SEC.20. You can get help with the Making Home Affordable (MHA) program, which provides free counselling and assistance advisors to keep you in your home or allow you to get down safely. Visit the MHA website to learn more about options and preparations.

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