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Chemical Weapons Agreement Syria

Supporting efforts to ensure criminal responsibility for serious violations of international law in Syria: the United States and other states and organizations concerned should play a central role in supporting international and national accountability efforts for the use of chemical weapons and other serious violations of international humanitarian law. NIKKI R. HALEY (United States), Chair of the Council for September, stressed that it was deeply shameful that the members of the Security Council had fought to protect the Assad regime from accountability. The Assad regime was planning an offensive on Idlib, and it was in the Russian Federation to prevent that. There were also signs that the Assad regime was considering the use of chemical weapons, and it was clear that they still believed they could use these horrible weapons with impunity. “No one is fooled,” she said, adding that according to conservative estimates by her government, the Syrian government had killed 1,500 men, women and children of its own people with chemical weapons. Syrian and Russian lies do not exonerate them, she stressed, adding that the United States will not stop rolling back these counterfeits. The representative of Iran stressed the need to preserve the credibility of the OPCW and its technical secretariat and said that a group of Member States had systematically abused the Security Council and OPCW process to advance “at all costs” politically motivated objectives. They reported a series of unfounded accusations against the Syrian government and ignored the country`s progress in fulfilling its obligations under the agreement, he said.

Syria provided 83 monthly reports to the OPCW and pledged to cooperate with the organization to resolve outstanding issues as quickly as possible. However, some countries continue to pursue unproductive policies in the Security Council and the OPCW, leading to a split in the two for a and an erosion of credibility, he noted. This thwarts the implementation of the Convention and the blatant inability of the United States to destroy its own stockpiles of chemical weapons, he stressed. Since 2014, the OPCW Fact-Finding (FFM) mission in Syria and the now-disbanded Joint OpCW-UN (JIM) investigations have been investigating allegations of the use of toxic chemicals for enemy purposes in Syria. On 21 September 2013, Syria submitted a full disclosure of chemical weapons to the OPCW that would meet the framework`s first deadline. [68] [37] Syria has declared 23 sites whose location is not disclosed for reasons of confidentiality and security. [69] [70] These sites housed 41 facilities containing “1300 tonnes of precursor chemicals and pathogens and 1,230 unfilled munitions.” [71] “Chemical weapons are used whenever the regime wants to send a strong message to the local population that their presence is not desirable,” said Dr. Khatib of Chatham House.

On the other hand, some representatives – including those of the Russian Federation, China, Syria and Iran – said, while condemning any use or storage of chemical weapons, that the issue had been politicized as an attack on the Syrian government. In arguing that the evidence supporting Syria`s claims that its chemical weapons have been eliminated and that it is in full compliance with the OPCW is ignored, they have called for impartiality and inclusion on the part of the OPCW investigative units. Regarding the use of neurotoxics against individuals, the representative of the Russian Federation said that the case had also been politicized, adding that his country was cooperating with the OPCW in this case. The representative of France indicated that the Syrian regime had not kept its word despite the commitments made in 2013 to cooperate with the OPCW. Seven years after the adoption of Resolution 2118 (2013), the status of chemical stocks is unknown. In addition, there is no longer any need to prove the regime`s repeated use of chemical weapons against its own people, he added, adding that an April report by the OPCW`s investigation and identification team

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