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Supreme Court Power Supply Agreement

CSP requires that these contracts between energy companies and distributors be suspended from price companies, a process aimed at reducing electricity costs. Semira Mining and Power Corp. (SMPC) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Isidro A. Consunji said his company would comply with all court decisions. With regard to the deferral of the effectiveness of the PSC requirement, the ERC explained that this measure was triggered by requests for letters from sales and production companies that used the PSC`s legal involvement in existing electricity contracts. Following the Supreme Court`s ruling, all PSA applications filed by the European Union on 30 June 2015 or after the Supreme Court were required to comply with the CSP in accordance with the 2015 DOE circular. Subsequently, the Supreme Court also ordered that the costs of purchasing electricity be retroactive, after compliance with the PSC, to the effective date of the EPI, but under no circumstances before June 30, 2015, in order to pass on the cost of acquisition to consumers. The Supreme Court has ruled that all PPE applications submitted to or after the Energy Regulatory Commission on 30 June 2015 must meet the requirements of the Competitive Measures Competition. “It`s a long-term contract. The fuel [cost] is almost not pass-through. It`s a 24/7 supply. It`s something new and there are risks.¬†Gatchalian, who chairs the Senate Energy Committee, said the court`s ruling would lead to greater transparency in the agreements.

The Supreme Court`s decision “requires that the electricity agreement (a) be subject to a competition procedure instead of negotiating directly negotiated agreements, which could weigh on many Filipinos,” Gatchalian said in a statement. The Commission argued that it had not committed any serious abuse of judgment in the granting of the two resolutions, as it had “quasi-legislative powers” to set rules and regulations. Under PSC rules, electricity suppliers must receive at least two electricity offers before awarding a PSA, which guarantees the lowest costs for electricity consumers. In the retail electricity segment, AboitizPower SM Prime Holdings, Inc. has registered as a customer, providing electricity to 15 of the developer`s facilities. Meralcos PSA owns two subsidiaries of its Meralco Powergen Corp. (MGen) unit, which builds power plants under Redondo Peninsula Energy, Inc. and Atimonan One Energy, Inc. It also has a PSA with St Raphael Power Generation Corp., its joint venture with the SMPC led by Consunji. Meralco also seeks to authorize PSAs with Central Luzon Premiere Power Corp., Mariveles Power Generation Corp., Panay Energy Development Corp. and Global Luzon Energy Development Corp. In light of the Supreme Court`s statement, the DOE ensures that the tendering process is closely monitored to ensure that the exercise is open, transparent, effective, effective and fair.

With regard to the ERC, it will cooperate with the DOE in implementing and implementing the relevant policies and all applicable rules and regulations. With this way of thinking from competent regulators, the Philippine energy industry is expected to provide consumers with the best services at the lowest cost. ” (T) the fundamental issues raised in this court were rejected by this court and no substantive argument was put forward to justify overturning the challenged decision,” he said.

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