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An Entrepreneur that leverages technology to grow and enhance a business. A Technologist that understands business and entrpreneurship and makes technology facilitate the business model.

These are my ramblings about business, technology, startups and whatever else.

Vc Investment Agreement

Please note that VIMA does not offer the full range of options available or adapted to start-up financing cycles, as they often depend on the transaction or the parties involved. Depending on the circumstances, the parties must therefore, if necessary, adapt the specific conditions of the documents to their needs. Additional documentation may also be required for an early funding cycle (for example. B the creation of the company, the agreement of other investors, the employment contract of the founders, etc.). However, we believe that the venture capital model agreements would remain relevant by providing a useful guide to the typical structure of funding cycles. SECA`s VC model documents make venture capital assets more efficient in Switzerland and have become the norm for ventures in Switzerland. The Legal Tax Chapter encourages everyone to inform SECA (or Beat Kohni, which coordinates in the chapter “Law – Taxation “) of defects in order to constantly improve documentation. A concept sheet is a legal document that describes the agreements between investors and the company`s founders. If the two parties agree on the terms in an appointment sheet, the agreement can be reached, and the investors actually buy shares in the company. The form contains several conditions, but the most negotiated are these: take, for example, the standard shareholder contract, which defines the conditions that govern the rights and obligations of investors and founders as shareholders of the company. Certain provisions of the shareholders` pact relating to the rights of “Series A shares” should be taken into account in the company`s bylaws under the Corporations Act. In addition, it is customary to include certain provisions (which may also be included in the shareholders` pact) in the incorporation of companies, which is due to the fact that the Constitution requires a shareholder, whether or not he is a party to a separate agreement, and that remedies in the event of a violation of the Constitution may go beyond contractual remedies (which, as a rule, , are damages).

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