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Catholic Enterprise Agreement South Australia

As you know, our respective negotiating teams have been working for almost two years to reach agreement on a number of labour-related issues. Despite faithful intent, robust discussions and hard work, we have failed to find an amicable solution on some issues. The Code of Conduct sets out the standards of conduct required by all staff members of Catholic Education SA. It also helps all employees to clearly understand the expectations they expect from them, as well as their responsibilities and obligations during working hours and outside working hours. It is available for download below. We are writing on behalf of the 16 Catholic employers and the Independent Education Union (SA) Branch. The following links will help you in the application process and for those who need more information about certification. As explained in the newly created Annex O in the South Australian Catholic Schools Enterprise Agreement 2017, the minimum requirements in our schools are set out in the Catholic Education SA Enterprise Agreement 2017. Formal recognition of exemplary teachers can make an important contribution to the quality of teaching and management in schools. However, both sides agree that we want to put an end to the negotiations so that the staff can benefit as quickly as possible from the negotiated increases.

We are aware that the staff of Catholic schools, who are so committed to the children and young people they serve, deserve their salary and stipend increases and the additional payment. In this sense, each party has agreed that we withdraw our respective rights and offers, that we put the proposed company agreement to the vote and that we can pay salary increases and allowances as well as salary refunds. This percentage increase then applies to all employees (and indexed allowances). It is important that the increase take effect from the date the increases are effective in public schools. Therefore, if there is a return meeting, this also applies to you. We have agreed that the current company agreement will be submitted to you for approval, with changes agreed with: AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers So far, little progress has been made in negotiations in the public sector, but at least the new treasurer has abandoned his predecessor`s 1.5% salary cap for the public sector. The EUI will keep you informed of the outcome of the DfE-EA negotiations as soon as this information is available. O.1.1 When increasing Volume 1 salaries for teachers in government schools in southern Australia, parties will take into account the resulting pay gap between a full-time level 9 (or equivalent) group 1 teacher at the Government School in Southern Australia and a level 1 teacher in Catholic School in Southern Australia, as described in Appendix A. . . .

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