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An Entrepreneur that leverages technology to grow and enhance a business. A Technologist that understands business and entrpreneurship and makes technology facilitate the business model.

These are my ramblings about business, technology, startups and whatever else.

Fraimwork Agreement

In accordance with point 23 of the Framework Agreement, the Commission shall regularly and without delay inform Parliament of the progress of the negotiations until the agreement is initialled and specify whether and how Parliament`s observations have been incorporated into the texts to be negotiated and, if not, why. To access the system, see:https:/www.bkms-system.net/frameworkagreement This Annex sets out the arrangements for informing Parliament on the negotiation and conclusion of international agreements in accordance with points 23, 24 and 25 of the Framework Agreement. Since they aim to promote the key features of national models of social partnership and cooperative labour relations, they are more relevant for enterprises established in social market economies where the collective representation of interests is the basis for labour and labour market regulation. . . .

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