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Medicare Coverage Gap Discount Program Agreement

(b) the basis for the imposition of civil fines. CMS imposes a civil fine (CMP) on a manufacturer who fails to grant eligible beneficiaries applicable discounts for the manufacturer`s applicable medicinal products, in accordance with the reduction agreement. (e) additional benefits. 1. An applicable discount must be applied to the beneficiary`s participation, after additional benefits (within the meaning of § 423.100) have been applied to the applicable drug law. (d) On the effective date of termination of the Reduction Agreement, CMS shall terminate the disclosure of data to the Manufacturer, unless this is necessary to ensure that the Manufacturer reimburses the applicable discounts for previous periods during which the Reduction Agreement was in force and notifies the Manufacturer of the destruction of the data files provided by CMS under the Reduction Agreement. (2) have entered into an agreement described in Section 423.2315(b) and make them effective. (c) Dispute Resolution. 1. Manufacturers may contest the applicable discounts invoiced to the manufacturer on quarterly invoices by informing the dispute of the dispute in a manner defined by CMS within sixty days of receipt of the information in dispute.

(b) derogation from the coverage obligation for medicinal products. Paragraph (a) of this Section does not apply to an applicable drug if cmS has determined that the availability of the applicable drug is essential to the health of beneficiaries registered in Medicare Part D. § 423.2310 – Condition of drug coverage in accordance with Part D. (d) Data Collection. Part D Sponsors must provide CMS with appropriate applicable discount data provided by Part D Sponsors in a manner defined by CMS. § 423.2330 – Control of manufacturer`s discount payments and dispute resolution. (a) Covered party D Drug coverage obligation. Except as set out in paragraph (b) of this Section, in order for Medicare Part D coverage to be available for a manufacturer`s applicable drugs, the manufacturer must perform all of the following steps: (3) Part D sponsors must determine whether the affected beneficiaries must be informed by the Part D sponsor that an applicable drug is eligible for Part D coverage, if CMS indicates a retroactive date for a labelling code and informs those beneficiaries.

(iii) the amount of the applicable rebate (as defined in section 423.2305) to be granted at the point of sale. . . .

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