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Shareholder Indemnification Agreement

Delaware also allows companies to reimburse expenses to directors and senior executives until the outcome of the litigation is available. The company may choose to make promotion mandatory or permissive in its relevant documents or through a contract with the director, senior management or employees. The company may also require a director or senior executive who receives a promotion “to execute a business. Reimburse this amount if it is finally established that this person is not entitled to compensation. [5] Such an advance repayment agreement cannot be secured if the company predances it. [6] First, a written indemnification agreement may contain definitions of important concepts. For example, the written agreement may contain a comprehensive definition of the types of “expenses” for which compensation and assistance are available and the types of “procedures” under which the person is entitled to assistance. For example, a written compensation agreement could specify that the person is entitled to compensation or development, even if the person is only a witness in a proceeding, and not just if the person is a designated party. Readers who want to learn more about indemnification agreements in writing want to read the May 26, 2015 article on the Securities Matters blog of the law firm Mintz Levin (here), which details the importance of a separate written indemnification agreement for corporate executives and discusses the main features that this type of agreement should contain. Here you will find an old memo from the law firm Alston & Bird, which deals with indemnification and development in general and the need for written indemnification agreements in particular. While Delaware law allows companies to grant broad rights of compensation and promotion, these rights are not unlimited. As described above, directors and senior managers can never be compensated for acts of “bad faith”. Two other limitations are also noteworthy: the exclusion of derivative regulations and the limitation “due to” limitations. Third, the written agreement may set out the procedures to be followed in the event of a dispute relating to indemnification or promotion….

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