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What’s in a name

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Why “Too Many Ideas and Not Enough Time”?

I have plenty of ideas.  Not all are great but just a lot of them but rarely the time to move on them.  I have seen some get implemented by others and be successful.  Now, I make an effort to try to prototype or get some traction on them.  I love the tagline ‘Ideating’ and I believe it identifies what I strive to do.

Why “Technologist that is an Entrepreneur and an Entrepreneur that is a Technologist“?

Simple – I am Technologist first but love business just as much.  I have spent just as much time reading about technology as I have about business.  I am constantly trying to learn and attain as much knowledge as possible so I can be an asset in whatever situation I am put in.

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